ReadySet Sexual Harassment “Compliance Plus” Training

California law requires companies to conduct sexual harassment training, and recent legislation going into effect January 2020 expands those requirements.

The training most typically utilized to fulfill legal compliance training doesn’t actually solve the problem of sexual harassment. After 30 years of this “check the box” approach, nothing has changed. It might help protect your organization from a lawsuit–as your people roll their eyes and leave the training just as confused about what they should or shouldn’t do as when they walked in.

ReadySet’s training treats sexual harassment as the people problem that it is. You want to avoid ever having to worry about a lawsuit (or being in the news). To do that, you have to equip your people to proactively address and respond to “grey area” harassment, and to uphold an inclusive culture.

ReadySet’s “Compliance Plus” training incorporates the following:

  • Orients attention to a values-based standard. Focuses on the behaviors that could be harassment, to orient attention toward a higher standard than harassment that a court would consider unlawful. Practically speaking, your employees and managers need to understand what may be harassment and leave HR/an investigator to determine if it’s a violation of your company policy or the law. [We briefly cover legal definitions as required for compliance, but want staff to leave knowing how to escalate issues.]

  • Utilizes empirical data to understand how sexual harassment actually shows up in people’s lives. What percentage of women have been sexually harassed? How much of sexual harassment is actually reported? We meet people where they are at with data that helps people grasp what this actually is.

  • Uses an intersectional lens. How does sexual harassment show up for black women and LGBTQIA+ individuals? How does male on male harassment show up? We expand participant’s understanding of what harassment actually looks like.

  • Is highly pragmatic and actionable. Provides specific, tactical action individuals can take to avoid engaging in harassing behavior and create an inclusive culture. We walk through how to respond to a specific incident: what do you say to the individual engaging in harassing behavior? When? In what context? How to you engage the individual on the receiving end? [We also cover the remedies and resources available for victims when escalating to internal processes is needed.]


About the Facilitator


Rory Gerberg is a consultant and trainer on diversity and inclusion, with an expertise in sexual harassment prevention and response. Her sexual harassment work goes beyond legal compliance to integrate behavioral science insights to further more effective prevention and response. She tailors content to a wide-range of clients, from small startups to large tech firms in today's headlines.

Rory holds a master's degree from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where she was awarded the Holly Taylor Sargent Award for her work advancing Harvard's sexual harassment policies and Programs. Her commentary on issues of sexual harassment and assault has been featured in the New York Times, Quartz, Politico, Associated Press, NPR, and CBS This Morning. She has published Op-Eds in the Boston Globe and the Harvard Kennedy School Review, and served as an advisor to the think tank New America’s Sexual Harassment Solutions Toolkit. You can get a flavor for how she integrates behavioral insights into her sexual harassment training through her Ideas42 Behavioral Summit talk.


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