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Respectful Workplaces. Sexual harassment is complex, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. This workshop helps participants understand inappropriate and uncomfortable workplace behavior, and build new tools to respond when they see it. We cover: what sexual harassment is; situational factors that increase the likelihood that sexual harassment will occur; and how to prevent it and respond as a target or witness.

Compliance Plus+. Legal requirements in states like California and New York require that organizations provide employees with sexual harassment training. But most standard legally-framed training is ineffective, and a waste of budget and employees’ valued time. This is because the training most typically utilized is legally framed to ‘check the box’. For over 30 years, employees have rolled their eyes at the required training they’re forced to sit through, and often end training just as confused as when they started. While such training might help organizations avoid lawsuits, it doesn't keep them out of the headlines.


At ReadySet, we take a unique approach to state-mandated sexual harassment training by integrating empirical data and behavioral science. We fuse compliance content into our Respectful Workplaces training, so that training is oriented around effective prevention and response. We equip employees to proactively address and respond to “grey area” harassment, and to uphold an inclusive culture. Our goal is to create workplaces where every employee can succeed and do their best work.

What makes ReadySet’s sexual harassment training unique? We:

Teach a values-based standard of behavior. Your values are to create an inclusive workplace–avoiding a “hostile” environment, as the law requires, is a pretty low bar. Our training focuses on what may be harassment, so your HR and leadership can uphold your culture. What are sexual harassment “grey areas”?

Apply an intersectional lens. We expand participant’s understanding of what harassment actually looks like. Sexual harassment isn't the same for everyone. Research shows that different groups experience sexual harassment differently. How does sexual harassment show up for black women and LGBTQIA+ individuals? How does the harassment of men and same-sex harassment show up?

Utilize empirical data. We meet people where they are at with data that helps people grasp the realities of sexual harassment. What percentage of individuals have been sexually harassed at work? How much of workplace sexual harassment is actually reported?

Offer pragmatic and actionable tips. Our training provides specific, tactical action individuals can take to avoid engaging in harassing behavior and create an inclusive culture. What do you say to an individual engaging in harassing behavior? When? In what context? How do you engage the individual on the receiving end of harassment?

Meet our expert


Rory Gerberg is a consultant and trainer on diversity and inclusion, with an expertise in sexual harassment prevention and response. Her sexual harassment work goes beyond legal compliance to integrate behavioral science insights to further more effective prevention and response. She tailors content to a wide-range of clients, from small startups to large tech firms in today's headlines.

Rory holds a master's degree from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where she was awarded the Holly Taylor Sargent Award for her work advancing Harvard's sexual harassment policies and Programs. Her commentary on issues of sexual harassment and assault has been featured in the New York Times, Quartz, Politico, Associated Press, NPR, and CBS This Morning. She has published Op-Eds in the Boston Globe and the Harvard Kennedy School Review, and served as an advisor to the think tank New America’s Sexual Harassment Solutions Toolkit.

You can get a flavor for how she integrates behavioral insights into her sexual harassment training through her Ideas42 Behavioral Summit talk.

Praise & Testimonials

“Rory is a really great facilitator. The 3 hours flew.”

“I've been through a lot of these trainings to "check boxes" at various organizations, and this one was the most engaging and meaningful.”

“Thank you so much. This training was strong and enlightened and I appreciate the passion and open mind Rory brought to it.”

"The training was related to relevant issues we are facing today… Great job, made the 3 hours look short.”

“Rory addressed why there are times in which the topic and issue of sexual harassment is seen as vague. What worked for me were her simple yet relatable examples as to what sexual harassment looks like, and how to respond when it does occur. Over all I received clarity and understanding from the training… I would highly recommend this training because the level of engagement and expertise made it bearable to sit through and actually interested me to learn… Great Job!”

“This type of training can be dreadfully boring yet the way you explained it, your enthusiasm and importance you brought to this subject made it actually fun. Thank you!”

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