Helping Innovative Companies build Stronger, Better Teams 


ReadySet supports innovative organizations in building more diverse and inclusive teams. 

We develop strategic DEI plans, review and revamp organizational policies and programs, run workshops and trainings, and advise organizational leadership. We bring together essential DEI initiatives into a cohesive, integrated whole, and analyze and employ data to support clients in harnessing their innovative potential.  


At ReadySet, we believe in comprehensive approaches to maximizing diversity and inclusion. We work with companies to provide tailored strategies and leverage their strengths. We help companies develop and implement the following: 

  • Internal Bias Assessments. We provide clients with a bird's eye view of what is happening in their organization and actionable, evidence-based insights to inform their approaches.

  • Custom strategies. Maximizing diversity and inclusion involves bringing together a range of initiatives -– from hiring processes to behavioral norms. We design DEI strategies that develop a concrete action plan to get your organization from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Robust policies. We love helping organizations develop effective policies that reflect their values . We review and revamp Employee Handbooks and specific company policies, including sexual harassment.

  • Cutting edge processes. We analyze and optimize processes such as hiring, performance management, and promotion, providing both high-level recommendations on better practices and low-level recommendations on how to strategically implement changes in your existing context.


We believe in the power of learning. Becoming more diverse and inclusive is a learning process for everyone. We support that process by providing customized training on the following topics. 

  • Beyond Unconscious Bias. Our innovative bias training gives you the tools to understand and navigate bias in systems and interpersonal interactions. We provide concrete, actionable techniques to avoid bias and respond when it does occur.
  • Rethinking Sexual Harassment Prevention & Response. Our workshops integrate insights from empirical data and neuroscience to help you effectively tackle sexual harassment prevention and response. Our workshops include: how individuals can prevent and respond to harassment in interpersonal interactions; how leaders can tackle harassment in their organization; and how managers can translate their legal obligations into effective action (CA compliant). Learn more here.
  • Bias in the Interview process. We provide tools and best practices for combating bias in the interview process, so your team can objectively evaluate candidates from diverse backgrounds, whether during an interview, in writing feedback, or in conducting a debrief.
  • Bias in Feedback. We present core concepts on growth mindset and reframe how teams understand “feedback” to promote and culture of organizational learning and employee development. We help participants understand how bias can impact feedback, and offer concrete tools to debias feedback and concrete tools to better give and receive feedback.
  • Bias in Communication. We examine how interpersonal bias manifests itself in the ways team members and leaders communicate, and impacts who is seen, leveraged, and promoted. We give concrete tools to help participants hear and recognize the contributions of colleagues across diverse backgrounds.
  • Tailored sessions. We offer customized learning sessions uniquely designed for organizational needs. Learning sessions can include, but are not limited to, workshops, town halls and focus groups.

For questions, comments, or press inquiries;  drop us a line at yvonne@thereadyset.co