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ReadySet is a diversity solutions firm that works in the areas of strategy consulting, training, and recruiting to help startups attract, retain, and grow diverse talent. 

#WOCinTech Chat

#WOCinTech Chat


Building diverse workforce - one comprised of skilled and passionate people from all walks of life - is a key component of fostering innovation. We actively seek out the brightest talent from around the country from traditionally underrepresented groups in tech to support growing tech firms. We help our clients hire great people for a variety of roles,  including those in engineering, project management, product, design, marketing, sales, legal, policy, and communications., To learn more, email us at recruiting@thereadyset.co


#WOCinTech Chat

#WOCinTech Chat

Job seekers

We’ve heard the stats. We know the problem. Innovative companies need better access to diverse talent. Diverse talent, in turn, needs to get their foot in the door. 

ReadySet connects qualified candidates from underrepresented groups with job opportunities in tech and tech-related companies. We take a different approach to recruiting and job placement. We value our relationships with job seekers and setting them up for success is one of our top priorities. We'll help you polish your resume and hone your job search strategy.  We only work with established, well-funded  companies that value inclusivity and are positioned to support your growth. 

For questions, comments, or press inquiries;  drop us a line at yvonne@thereadyset.co