ReadySet Ally Skills Workshop

The ReadySet Ally Skills workshop positions people of color and their allies to successfully undertake allyship at work and beyond. By illustrating the stakes of allyship in tech and other industries as well as practical tools that can be used to achieve it, this training provides an optimal way to foster healthy workplaces for the growing number of womxn, queer, and transgender people of color.

Through a combination of learning and development, small and large group discussions, and skill acquisition sessions, ReadySet will provide new ways to foster critical conversations about difference and equality. The training provides concrete, actionable tools to empower employees and leaders to advocate for themselves and others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Telling the difference between Allyship and being an Accomplice

  • Knowing how to intervene in workplace marginalization

  • Empowered to speak up and respond when inequality occurs

  • Understanding how to address and respond to workplace harm

  • Exhibiting self-reflection as an Ally

Content May Include

  • Terminology around marginalization, oppression and difference

  • How these concepts influence and shape the workplace

  • Intersectional lenses, examining dynamics around gender binaries, sexual orientation, class, ability and race

  • Pragmatic tips and techniques on preventing and addressing marginalization in the workplace

  • Suggestions for systemic measures to prevent workplace inequality

  • Useful tools for responding to workplace inequality: what to say, to whom, when and in what context


Learning sessions are highly interactive and participatory to encourage active learning and engagement with the material. Workshops will likely include lecture presentation, small and large group discussion, and scenario discussion.

Selected Testimonials

"I attended the ReadySet Ally Skills training/workshop and found it to be one of the most helpful inclusion workshops [I've ever attended]. I loved the acknowledgement that the word 'ally' has evolved with the advent of social media activism. I value that the workshop guides participants through processing their privilege and the power they have to support communities impacted by all the -isms (e.g. racism, sexism, etc.). Further, the historical context of related themes such as intersectionality and its relevance to allyship was super helpful. Last, I appreciated that the facilitators focused on introspection as a tool in allyship work and clarified the role of those who are part of impacted communities. Great workshop facilitation and thanks for going beyond the surface on these sensitive topics." — Edgardo Perez, Director of Recruitment and Inclusion @ Abstract

"I was fortunate to work with Willie on crafting an Allies training opportunity for my colleagues and the broader company that I work for. Willie was a great partner throughout the process working with me to understand our needs, challenges, questions, potential, capacity, etc. He provided a training that was insightful and enlightening as we aim to build a culture of Allyship and inclusion at my workplace. I find Willie to be a true expert in this space and someone that I would consider a valuable asset to any team or group looking to find consultation about diversity and inclusion conversations and work. I look forward to finding new opportunities to work with him again in the future." — Jordan S.P, Strategic Sourcing and Operations Manager @ Pinterest

“Topics of diversity, inclusion, and empathy in the workplace are always complex and challenging to address, which makes it all the more remarkable that Willie Jackson is able to do so with seemingly effortless clarity and grace. His sessions have been a major highlight of our events, with attendees telling us they've walked away with both new perspectives as well as real and actionable insights they can bring into a professional setting. We couldn't recommend him more highly.” — Nick Baily, Co-Founder, From Day One; Founder, Complex Ventures


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